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Yesterday I was clever, today I am wise



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Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. The Wheel of Time I remember the first time she showed up at my door like that. “Hey,” she said without looking around. The essence is “Instead of stuck on problems, focus on finding solutions.” If we look at the solution, we could be free from overthinking.

Self-awareness has countless proven benefits -stronger relationships, higher performance, more effective leadership. This made me realize I spend way too much time wondering why when there is actually no solution in that. Huh. I definitely going to move forward by asking what questions instead. This was incredibly eye-opening. Thank you so much!

Basically, it says to focus on solutions instead of problems. This is like the first step in applying logic, but then you ask yourself why something works rather than just doing what does.  Why should you try any other software for solving a problem? Why not learn the self software to solve the problem. Increase your awareness.  Make sure to meditate regularly, and keep in mind that meditation is a powerful tool for getting more accomplished at tasks!

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