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World fame on Instagram – Morgan Lewis



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She is only 19 years old and has gained world fame on Instagram after she started baking cakes decorated with small bottles of alcohol. Morgan Lewis started baking cakes just over a year ago and since then she has gained thousands of followers on Instagram where she shares photos of incredibly beautiful cakes decorated with small wine bottles and other sweets. Morgan has been baking since a young age and her main mentors are Youtube videos and cooking shows on TV. 

Her family surprised her not so long ago with a kitchen that she set up in the garage so that Morgan could start her baking career for real. She has struggled in the banks, as it is not promising to start a business in the middle of a pandemic, which has changed for the better, and Morgan has baked like the wind in recent months as her cakes break through, on whatever table they land. She plans to open a bakery under the name Bookaholics before Easter, but Morgan has saved every penny from all of last year’s cake sales, managed to pay her parents back for the kitchen they made for her in the shed, and pay for the upcoming operation. She dreams of opening a pink café in the near future.

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