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Also, Raid Boxes   comes from Germany and has been very focused on WordPress. The prices are exclusive of VAT. The tariffs are roughly divided into the two areas tariffs for one WordPress installation and tariffs for multiple installations. The cheapest (and somewhat hidden – it is linked under the eye-catching tariff slider) package for nine euros per month (contract term corresponds to the payment interval, you can choose from monthly, quarterly and yearly) offers space for a WordPress installation on one Two gigabyte SSD. As with WP-Projects, Nginx is used as the web server, the memory limit is 128 MB and the current PHP versions are available. MariaDB 10.4 is used for the database.

HTTP / 2 is also up and running, as well as free SSL and automatic updates for the WordPress core. Auto-updates for themes and plugins are available at more expensive tariffs for an additional charge, multi-site is possible from the Pro tariff for 50 euros per month. The files can be accessed via SFTP (SSH access with WP-CLI is available in the next higher tariff) and copies of sites can be created with the staging tool in order to test things. Backups are made automatically once a day and are kept for at least seven days, depending on the tariff. There is also the option of manually creating a backup that will not be deleted.

If you switch to Raidboxes with an existing site, you can use the relocation service for free. Raidboxes is also committed to sustainable hosting. Among other things, a tree will be planted for each site hosted by Raidboxes, and both the data centers and the company’s headquarters will be supplied with green electricity.