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When any hosting service provider offer free WordPress hosting, you need to check their basic information including continuous update, SSL, and versions. Godaddy is a good WordPress platform as well as host-gator. Don’t be attracted one click installation rather check all facility and customer feedback.

When selecting the host, we looked for providers who specialize completely in WordPress, explicitly have packages for WordPress in their program or special offers, such as pre-installed WP-CLI. If nothing is written about the server location in the article, it is in Germany or the provider has at least a data center in Germany. In addition to the minimum requirements of WordPress, it was checked, among other things, whether a secure connection to the server can be established via SFTP or SSH, whether SSL certificates are integrated free of charge and whether the current PHP versions 7.3 and 7.4 are also offered.

In addition, only providers are presented here who have at least one data center in Europe – for example, there are still a few specialized providers in the USA who do not maintain a European data center. If hosters offer a 1-click installation, you should make sure that the latest WordPress version is really installed and that the hoster does not install any unwanted extras.

The order of the list does not represent a ranking – the highly specialized WordPress hosters come first, then the less specialized.