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Will Quantum Physics Understand?



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Feel the particles

 When you enter it, at first you think the house is empty, but then you begin to notice that some objects suddenly appear and then suddenly disappear.There is complete silence in this house, but you can feel the particles passing by and hear a faint sound from the kitchen as if there is a slight murmur of someone walking on the wooden floor.If there is no one in the house, then where do such voices come from? This story is an example to illustrate an empty space that is really empty.But now, according to the laws of physics, there are two ways to understand the reality of this emptiness.

Our world

Our world in which we can see and feel things is easy to understand the concept o a space . Space is just a place where there is no snake, not even air.But in quantum physics, which works at a level smaller than an atom, and the process that the human eye cannot see, the space is like the haunted house described above.Quantum space is actually an atmosphere full of particles, energy and waves that mysteriously appear and disappear rapidly.If we emptied a real atmosphere of all kinds of particles, including light and heat, and left ‘nothing’ in it, scientists would still be able to find a glimpse of the electric field in space that might appear for a moment. Be and then disappear.Now, researchers at the Zurich Quantum Institute say they have for the first time been able to measure the fluctuations caused by these particles in space.It is like we can ‘feel’ the existence of a soul around us and when it is moving around we can ‘see’ its white mark.

According to science, it is impossible for matter to come into being all of a sudden, and no matter can be annihilated, ‘nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything changes its form.’ The founding scientist of modern chemistry, Lovazei, theorized that matter could not be created or perishable. But at the quantum level, things are different.”It’s possible to generate energy from space in the short term,” says Christina Benny Chelms, a fellow in applied physics at Harvard University.”It simply came to our notice then. We can’t say when it will happen, but it does happen. “Benny Chelms observed this moment of appearance and disappearance during an experiment.In terms of quantum, when we talk about time and space, we use nanometric scales (very small scales) (which can measure a billionth of a meter) and very short-term vibrational waves. Can measure (that is, one billionth of a second.

 To do this experiment, the researchers created a ‘complete space’ that was completely free from the effects of light and heat.They did this by lowering the temperature to minus 269 degrees Celsius, that is, to almost absolute zero temperatures, and eliminating the possibility of any form of light there that could contaminate that ‘pure atmosphere’. Was “We can only go so close to a full space, we can’t go any further,” says Benny Gemles. Inside the device, they placed a special detector crystal that reacted to the appearance and disappearance of waves in absolute space. This is what happens when matter and electromagnetic radiation disappear in absolute space.Benny Chelms and his team were able to measure the waves of the electromagnetic field by observing the changing properties due to the appearance and disappearance of waves on this crystal.

 In traditional physics, space is an environment where nothing exists.  but not accepted in quantum theory. Even then, for a very short time, in this absolute space, particles, the fluctuations of the waves, and the energy are so subtle and so subtle in their invisible form that it is currently impossible to measure them.Due to the fluctuations of these waves in space, the sudden and uncreated existence of light is formed when an atom is disappearing. By measuring the waves in this way, a great advancement in this field of knowledge is possible.Although Benny Chelms admits that in a big way we are still a long way from understanding these phenomena, it can help us unravel the mysteries of quantum physics and the invisible particles that make up the ‘soul’. Feel like.


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