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Why we are choosing Mars?



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If you have been keeping up with the news and all that information regarding Elon Musk, you must know that he has this cool project that will eventually get people onto Mars sooner or later.

Here are some of the reasons why everyone keeps looking at Mars for doing stuff instead of any other planet or even the moon itself.

Choosing Mars
Choosing Mars

Mars is similar to Earth

Mars is the physically most similar planet to our beloved Earth, or less often called by “Gaia”. There are so many reasons to support this fact:

Gravity: The gravity of Mars is very similar to the gravitational pull on each person on the planet Earth. If you had to relate the gravity levels, the level of Mars is 38% that of our planet, which should be adaptable for many species living on our home planet, including human beings.

Atmosphere: Contrary to popular beliefs, there is an atmosphere on Mars. Although the protection levels on this planet aren’t as strong as our Earth, there is still a protection layer on our planet. This means that eventually, Mars might have a protective layer as strong as Earth.


Water: One of the most popular news in recent years is the fact that Mars has water, just like Earth. Albeit low in quantity, it still supports the fact that life might be possible on Mars, like the planet Earth. In addition to this, the planet has many other features that are like our planet’s features, especially the fact that it has landed.

Mars is easy to land on

Mars is not something people chose on random. There are many facts to support why we are still choosing Mars for expeditions and planning instead of any other planet in the solar system. The most important fact is that Mars is easy to land on (literally). The other planets close to our planet Earth are Venus and Mercury but since they are so close to the Sun, it is virtually impossible for a human to step there. Mars is still further away from the Sun than Earth, so it should be relatively cooler than the other two planets. This is why people want to go to Mars. It has the highest rate of success when compared to the other planets in the solar system.

Drive along with NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover

Mars hasn’t been touched, so it’s a big research area

Mars hasn’t been touched in the last 4.5 billion years. This means that the formation on the planet should be as natural as possible. By studying the natural structure of the planet, scientists are getting closer to understanding the origin of the universe, or at least this solar system. Mars also has the most similar structure to Earth, so this can also be used to cross-research the impact of humanity on the planet versus a planet that has no humans on it. Researching Mars might also help scientists understand our Gaia’s early history better too. The geological forces of Mars are less active than Earth so it should help understand the strength and effect of tectonic plates better too. These are some of the reasons why Mars is such a popular planet for people to explore or dream of colonizing.