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Where is your mind?



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Buddha said: “Who is your enemy? Your mind is your enemy. Who is your friend? Your mind is your friend. Learn the ways of the mind. Tend the mind with care. Where I can find our mind? – Who has my attention, and how do I give it to you? When we think like that, all the thoughts disappear. The last thing in my memory is where you are right now, so what else am I going on about? 

It’s telling me that when you feel empty, there come people and scenarios that will give you inspiration. They will give you the motivation to get back up. But it’s up to you how you will make use of it. The box stands as your drive. What follows that is action. Action that’s done as a result of your newly found motivation. It also tells me that when you are in the middle of your own crisis, trust the process. Have trust that it will pass and you will get back at your own feet. But when that time comes, make sure that you will take really good care of your new opportunity and do your best with it.

Life is like a box of chocolates, You never know what you’ll get”. “There’s nothing in the box” like our lives, we all started empty, and day by day we fill it. We fill it with happiness, love, pain, sorrow, success, etc. Well, the size of our boxes doesn’t matter, what really matters is what we put inside, if we decided to put negative things like hatred then our box would be very heavy making it so difficult to carry. Like in our life, if we live full of hatred, bitterness, and anger, then it would be so difficult to move on and hope for tomorrow.