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With the news app preinstalled on many Android smartphones alone, Google provides millions of people with news every day. Accordingly, it is obviously important for Google to be careful when selecting the news for Google News, Discover, and the new Showcase format. In addition to the basic Google News guidelines, a new blog post now provides further information about which sources Google classifies as reputable news providers.

Google News: Transparency as an important criterion

According to Google, news publishers must above all be transparent. But how can this complex criterion be made measurable? Above all, this includes information that a website provides in addition to its news content. Important questions are, for example: Is an author specified, and does he have his own author page that can be reached via the news? Does the article have all the important basic information such as publication date and article type? Additional information about the company responsible for the item (e.g. contact information and company philosophy) also has a positive effect. According to its own statements, Google tries to take the perspective of a user who wants to find out about the seriousness of a news source with little effort.

Ultimately, however, Google also strongly personalizes its users’ newsfeeds, which also has a great influence on the messages displayed. If you want to avoid dubious and for you little relevant content, you can read here how to turn  Google Discover into your personal news feed.

Google applies regional gradations in the news selection

The same criteria for the selection of reports do not apply in every country. If, for example, due to a lack of freedom of the press in a region, it is customary not to mention the author’s name in the article, this should not have any negative consequences for the rating of the source in Google News. In any case, individual aspects that, for example, simply have to do with the design and structural specifications of a publisher, should not be an exclusion criterion if the source of news is trustworthy and transparent. The most important thing is that all relevant information is easily and quickly accessible for the user. According to Google, even smaller news websites should have a chance against larger publishers.

Derivatives for news publishers

Even if Google does not go into too much detail in its blog post, the requirements for news websites should be relatively clear: All important data and background information should be transparent and easily accessible. That means making them visible directly on the respective article or linking them in a traceable way. If you use structured data and mark all information accordingly in the source code, Google makes the classification even easier.

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