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What do you wish your phone could do?



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In the present world, your mobile phone is your life and soul. What if your phone could magically do everything you wanted it to? It turns out, you don’t need a genie to have a wish come true.
All you need is a little creativity, and maybe a dash of patience. What do you want from your phone? Sure, it’s a tool for staying connected to the world, but it should also be a tool for staying connected to who you are. Technology is a tool for providing more convenience, but it should also be a tool for providing more meaning.
I want my phone to be more than just my phone.
In the last decade, phones have become an extension of ourselves. We use them for everything from taking photos, to ordering food, to hearing the latest news.
But as our phones have become more capable, we haven’t made them any smarter. They still just do what we tell them to. What if we gave them the ability to anticipate what we want? Here are some ideas for how to make your phone smarter. The phone in my hand is typically the first thing I touch every morning and the last thing I touch before I go to bed. It’s a device I rely on to stay connected with my friends, my family, and my work. But what if I could make it more than just a phone? What if it could be a device that I could use to feel more informed, more healthy, more productive, and more in control of my life? What if I could use it to do things I can’t do with my hands?
That’s what I want my phone to do. Lastly, I trust my phone to give me a wake-up call.

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