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What Do You Do For A Living?



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All we work for a good living. We feel that we will live in a nice place after retirement. The whole life we think that we need the best place for living with kids and family. We are motivated towards work for a good lifestyle. Something related to a retirement plan.

The meaning of work

Work is the employment of oneself or of one’s time or of one’s physical energy or mental effort. In pursuit of such ends as earning a living, developing one’s knowledge, providing for oneself or for others, satisfying personal desires, and preserving one’s health and life. Is it Important to Get a nice Job? Yes, it is important for a student. A career from a job helps you to grow up and become strong. This will lead you to be useful to society and will be beneficial to you. Yes, we have to get a job if we are looking for our careers. We get a job with our education and we can never forget this point. Without getting a job there is no solution for our lives. We cannot afford to get married without a job. For healthy living, earning is essential.

People do work for money

Some people do work for money. We know that money is needed for living and spending it accordingly and buying the needed thing for living. But some people love to work and they earn it by doing jobs. What Are Your Family Goals? The family goals are also very important. The family members and kids wants the same thing. They want to enjoy a beautiful life. But to achieve it they need work. They need education, job, and wealth for living. There are also different types of work to have all the things they want. It depends on how much you want to work and earn. Why Do You Work? So many people work because they love to do it. But we also need some money for living.

What is the reason of work

Work is a very good reason to make a living and run a family. We do things because we enjoy them, to make life more comfortable for our children and to meet our own parents and relatives who live in faraway places. I feel that we have done well for this world, to help in the development of our planet. The best problem you are having at the moment? My current problem is that I feel that work is getting tougher to get things done by me. The more you do the bigger gap of time between everything. All work with the laptop is not worth my sleep. Tell me your favorite childhood memory. Every childhood is interesting. I can remember my childhood days when I used to take care of my big brother’s pig-rearing business.


Fixing goals and start early in life is good for our lives in the world. That will enable you to a healthy living. We have plenty of things to do and not much time left.

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