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What book has influenced you the most?



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We learn from books. One of the ways of learning. We have influenced and guided by various experiences in books. Some of the books we’re most interesting.  I love some of the books, but there’s some really powerful stuff inside. The writer told Variety that she was inspired by a particular chapter in an earlier novel on rape and murder—and said it left her feeling conflicted. I read a book about two friends. Even though they weren’t autobiographical, those writers made us feel like there was more than just an awareness between two friends.  


I am Mr. Thomas Rodrick and I have graduated from a university in the UK. I have been working as an entrepreneur since 2008. I have a very big interest in improving people’s skills and wellbeing by reading books. I love taking away obstacles in my path and putting in the effort to help them move on their own two feet. I love the opportunity to teach others. This is my passion and my purpose in life. What is the Difference Between an Entrepreneur and an Entrepreneurial Thinker? So many people confuse the term entrepreneur with an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is a person who has achieved a lot in business and other things. For instance, he could be an entrepreneur or investor. The difference is that the person is not a perfectionist. There is no challenge too big or small, for him to look at it and succeed.

The most influential book in my life

“Travelling Light” by Jack Kerouac. The author inspired me with his writing. His words expressed the thoughts and the feelings in a special way. It was something new. If you just read “On the Road” you can get an idea about the text. But Jack wrote a lot more about the journey. He wrote about the real self, the hedonist, and the mature man. It is something that people did not do before him. In The Way We Live Now by Anthony Trollope, the concept of a perfect modern man fascinated me. All this was not his fault, and all that happened to him was unfortunate. He was a hero. So far, in my life, the most significant book was “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson. I have read this book recently. I love the printed and the visual material.

The book that I think is most interesting

How Undergraduate Education Has Been Subverted, Broken, and Abandoned by James Turk and Jon Roland: The U.S. higher education system was built to drain the energy out of citizens and to acculturate students to a certain standard of behavior. In a consumerist society such as ours, the goal is to give students what they need, when they need it, at an affordable price. The U.S. higher education system has created a new generation of adults who have lost their moral compass, who cannot understand a simple thought and are unable to feel shame for their actions.


I really enjoyed my time with Alan and Alltid at Netonraket and I learned a lot from books. I love James Blasingame 2021 Hipple Award Winner, the good writer.

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