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What are some strange belief’s that some people have?



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Sociologist says your surrounding will be fulfilled with your belief and dream. So our belief pushed us to be present with some reality as I thought. It can be really fun to find out what strange beliefs other people have. Some people have beliefs that are so strange that they’re downright hilarious. There are a lot of strange beliefs that people hold. For example, the belief that the earth is flat, or that a woman’s place is in the kitchen all around the day. One belief that I’ve come across is that you have to be born again to enter Heaven. Another belief that is popular is that God wants Christians to be self-sufficient. You’ll find people who believe that the world is flat and that the sun revolves around the earth. You’ll find people who believe in ghosts and unicorns. At night tried to find out unicorns’ presence in the sky. You’ll find people who believe that the earth is 6,000 years old and that dinosaurs and man lived at the same time. So what are some of the weird beliefs people have? It’s the strangest thing, but I’ve been hearing some strange beliefs lately.

The belief of people may have various kinds as there are various types of people:
People who think differently – Out of box people
People who are a different religion – Firm believe in religion
People who live somewhere else – Nature lover
People who are in different colors – White, brown, black, yellow!
People who are different genders – M, F, Common
People who are different ages – Elderly
People who are different abilities – Millionaire
People who are different – Autistic
Some people believe they can’t be friends with someone who is different. I have some different beliefs in boyhood. At night I looked at the window and try to visualize that whether there is a Ghost or not. Seems something dark sitting in the window. There are many of us who had dreams to be astronauts or doctors, so we can use the skills later as nurses or professors. When you see something on TV that looks “unnatural,” your brain makes up an imaginary story. Sometimes this story guides you for some strange beliefs. Our belief is our guiding force. So why not be a happy Millionaire by belief?