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What are Google Slides presentations?



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What are Google Slides?

Do you need to modify your slides? The master template editor in Google Slides allows you to quickly modify the slides and slide layouts in your presentation. From there, you can edit the master slide, which will affect every slide in the presentation.

Why Google Slides?

You can make a one-click edit of the master slide template. The feature is called “Edit Master Slides,” and it is available in every presentation. You can modify the master slide (the basis for every slide in your presentation) to change the layout, colors, text size, and more. All of the formatting changes you make will be saved to every slide in your presentation. You can easily turn Google Slides into an elegant, versatile presentation tool. With Google Slides, you can easily and quickly create an impressive presentation that will wow your audience. Why PowerPoint? Do you need to modify your slides? Then you should use PowerPoint. With PowerPoint, you can easily create an impressive PowerPoint presentation.

The features available in Google Slides

Master Template Editor, Slide Layout, Editor Sticky, Notes, Photo Slides, Graphing Tool, Move Slides, Special Effects, Fast Access from the Tools, Toolbox Photo Slides: Start by opening the master slide in the main document editor area of Google Slides. After the slide appears in the main editor, click the Edit button on the master slide. Under the Format dropdown menu, choose Slideshow Template. Next, select your presentation and slideshow name, as well as the slide number of the first slide to use as the master template. To ensure that all your slides conform to the master template, you can check the ‘Keep ‘+’ or ‘Edit This Master Template’ checkboxes.

3 Reasons You Need Google Slides

Saving Time – As you can see, transforming a Google Slides presentation is actually quite simple. Using the standard Google tool, you can change the design of each slide within the slide editor. However, it’s the ability to save and modify each slide that makes Google Slides really shine. You can edit each slide as you like without having to worry about deleting, pasting, or renaming the slide to a different section of the master slide. You can then save and modify your changes and add them as you go. If you’re creating a giant slide, then you can create many sub-slides and have the master slide tweaked to each of them. This may sound like a lot of work, but really, it’s a lot easier than switching between a dozen different tools and databases.


Google Slides is full-featured presentation software. You can use it to create and modify the slides and share them with others. It is especially handy if you are presenting in a classroom. Not everyone has the time to create a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. Instead, give your slides the presentation they deserve with Google Slides.