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screenplay, or script generally build by a screenwriter for filmmaking, TV sessions, Game development, and marketing. An existing piece of writing can be used or we can adopt a video template. In the script, the movement, motion, body expression and sound of the characters are also narrated.

An existing piece of writing is already a powerful force on the story and, as such will be used to influence what we see. This technique works best in short stories where authors are willing (at least initially) not to make their characters into caricatures but rather let them go through some growing pains before they find themselves fully grown up. we can adopt a video template that lets us convert your content as well.

The video script template is a good story writer. You can use that as a foundation for your own content if you like. The important thing to remember when writing stories, however, are the core elements of this rule: Be original – don’t reinvent yourself every time.

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