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Your mind does what it thinks is in your best interest. if you are not getting what you want then you are not collaborating with your mind properly. Your mind is hard wired to move towards pleasure and avoid pain. All your feelings are down to two things. If you want to succeed you have to make what is familiar unfamiliar and vice versa. Tell your mind what you want. Link massive pleasure to going there and pain to not going there. Change the pictures and the words. Using very detailed words.

Mind Training, our brain, and mind are powerful beyond our comprehension, This is such important information, it should be part of the curriculum of every school and the coaching profession needs to be trained, no one should be left without this knowledge.

When you need a hammer you are not gonna take it with you and walk around with it your whole day, you only take it when you need to. It is the same with your mind, you must train your mind to stop the overbearing manifestation that your mind lets you carry 24/7. Your mind is always active a thought, judgment, mind chatter, fantasy. You must train your mind to overcome the unnecessary, bad states so that it will still be active when necessary, but when not, it is put in the background. Changing the mind to become your servant is only possible.

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