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This virtual reality game for learning



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Learning can be done through any medium. Its not confined to lecture, book reading, class attendance, listning, etc. Learning the basics of programming through a video game is not a completely new idea. Zenva Sky, however, transfers the concept into virtual reality for the first time. Educational games are a popular way to introduce the basics of programming to small and large budding coders. The operators of the online coding school Zenva have now transferred the concept into virtual reality for the first time. In their VR game Zenva Sky, you have to solve different tasks with the help of basic programming techniques in order to progress. Jigsaw puzzles teach you more and more coding fundamentals. Zenva founder Pablo Farias Navarro describes in a blog post that it was not so easy to transfer the educational game concept to virtual reality. “It quickly became clear that what works well on a screen does not necessarily work in VR,” Navarro explains the project’s initial problems. The first prototype was just too complex – and also not really fun. So the team started from scratch and developed the version of the game, which is now available for download. Technology is controlling us and of course, we will find a pleasant way to learn.

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