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There was deep rock



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There was a deep rock. I was very close to that rock. Water was splashing. We were three-person in boat. All we have a life jacket. It took four minutes until the water got into our faces.” “I didn’t want it, so when she picked me up and carried her away from the cliff, I just stayed there,” said his brother, very careful. “She started carrying him down with ease. She gave us all kind of directions about where to go close to rock.”

When we touch the rock, we were surprised. Old rock maybe billions of years. We feel excited. This is an unusual feeling for me. I have never felt a mountain in my life so deep that there are no peaks or foothills above it to help hold back our hands and shoulders until such time as this feels like some kind from outer space. Fonda, “My wife said something similar when she first saw us reach Pterostilbirch Mountain (about 5 miles away). The sound itself was quite small. But still seemed tremendous because those who heard its immense reverberation always reported seeing their own bodies. While others simply laughed at what they called just ‘the voice.’ This made her cry.

Rock Solid Backpackers, Rotorua, New Zealand, a nice place to stay.