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The school system needs an overhaul



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I’m currently working abroad as a teacher and my school has been closed to students until Jan 31st and to staff until 17th because of a small outbreak in Bangkok. If these are the measures Thailand is taking in what isn’t even 10% of the same amount of daily cases back home in the UK, then why isn’t Boris closing schools? What do you think will be done if there’s another pandemic ?Near summer around May I can guarantee they will go into full lockdown for school until September.

Does it send someone on holiday or does it continue causing death along with all other deaths over time? The current authorities can probably hold off doing anything for now without letting anyone die while they’re still around! They have already given them their marching orders. You might get yourself sick from eating whatever that seems like but I wouldn´t expect something more ridiculous than just dropping dead during your lunch hour so long after everyone else leaves.

COVID teaches us for another system of school. We may see and understand in our education what it is that has become impossible to separate the external with its natural consequences from those effects which are caused by a state of nature. We must focus on digital learning in a better way.

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