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The health condition in an Asian village



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Standing at the peak of this improvement in medical science, developed countries have been able to control heart disease and other complications due to the increase in blood pressure or high blood pressure mostly. Health awareness in Western countries is very developed in comparison with Asian countries. The intensive effort has been given in those countries for the prevention & cure of hypertension & coronary heart disease over the last few decades. Many people with this problem have learned to control blood pressure and coronary heart disease in developed countries, using regular ways of prevention such as regular health check-up, diet control, weight loss prevention and letting not mental stress go beyond control. With the use of modern medicine and advanced technology in medical science, the complications of high blood pressure in those countries are now largely controlled. Complications are decreased, decreased death rate due to hypertension. In addition to this, there is a society of extreme hypertension complications in poor countries like India. The picture is complicated enough yet today. Investigation of blood pressure without any reason is a luxury for people in a large part of the country who are fighting to survive. The rate and standard of public education are remarkably low yet, health awareness is like a drop of water in the ocean. Both the amount and quality of public health services are inadequate than necessity. Working-class people living from hand to mouth cannot take proper advantage of the existing little health service due to the fear of the loss of income, lack of consciousness and burning poverty. The word ‘blood pressure’ is still unknown, unfamiliar to many people in this Asian country. Class disparities in health services are constantly increasing, increasing the difference of quality in rural-city services. Wealthy, aware, educated people can easily buy different new expensive drugs to reduce blood pressure. They can expend money to buy health services.

Despite the complications of high blood pressure, the rich people of the country are becoming more and more accustomed to using various modern weapons of medical science to prevent it. There is no question that poor or middle-class people have this kind of scope. Health is also a multi-billion dollar product in this country due to the push of the market economy. There is the huge tide of privatization in the health sector. The cost of buying treatment is constantly rising. Under such circumstances, this is normal that the ability to control blood pressure or coronary heart disease will be limited to the upper-middle or upper class only. Not only that, the situation of the middle class especially in the futile attempts to follow and imitate the so-called ‘rich’ is even worse. They have neither the knowledge of immunity nor the financial ability to provide remedies. Although there is a severe lack of health awareness, there is not a lack of misconception or unconsciousness, confusion to a bit. The tendency to move away from traditional diet practice is increasing rapidly not only in urban areas but also in rural areas. Increasing the use of readymade ‘delicious’ fast-food is increasing. Increasing the trend of eating fried, readymade, packet food instead of fresh fruit, vegetables. Especially salt consumption is increasing in the younger generation, increasing the consumption level of unhealthy fat. Work is decreasing, decreasing the exercise or sports, increasing the tendency to fall into the trap of a comfortable life.

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