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The distraction of attention



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The term distraction means preventing concentration or diverting attention. Do we know the way of doing that?

We have completed various levels of education but never taught concentration formally. Adopting concentration is related to a happy and prosperous life. Maybe we were not told by our parents for learning concentration at boyhood. In some discussion or TV show, we come to know about concentration. However, the mind is an invisible existence and nobody can’t demonstrate that. People say that concentration is beneficial but unable to demonstrate. The same way we never tell our children to practice concentration as we are unable to demonstrate. You can’t desire from somebody to do something if you don’t teach them how to do it! A swimming teacher knows how to swim.

Force your focus on a particular thing. Your confidence will be increased day by day and life will be happy.

You may tell that, in modern society, you are busy with email, phone, and all the amenities, when you can practice concentration? Basically, we can make our daily habit in such a way so that we are in concentration all the time, no matter 6 hours or 17 hours. A good result will observer after 06 months.

People have a lot of good qualities like a good student, doctor, lawyer, artist, speaker and much more. But you will merely find a person with skilled concentration. That was absent in the education system and learning.

How many of us can realize that good product has been invented from a beautiful mind?

Technology in itself is not a bad thing. It’s actually a beautiful thing, but we need to take control over it. We start by understanding the mind. Right? The mind is invisible and the most complex thing in the universe. Most of us don’t have a clear idea about mind. However, mind is the most powerful tool on the planet. Smartphone has been invented as an outcome of a beautiful mind. How many of us can find our last moment when we had studied about mind? Probably we will not find that time. Every new invention is coming to the market, you may be amazed by seeing the mega-megapixel camera. How many of us can realize that it has been invented from A beautiful mind?

If you are that much curious about mind, you need to understand two things. What is the awareness and another is the mind. Spot focus light is awareness. Awareness has the flexibility to go here and there. The space of the mind is unlimited. There are various areas of the mind like happiness, the requirement of food, requirement of money, travel plan, need of children, anxiety, full of fear and much more. Awareness is a spotlight any travel frequently here and there inside the mind. If we put our awareness in the joyful area of mine we will feel happiness in our body. Practice of concentration will be successful. Will be able to continue our daily life in a peaceful and harmonious way.

Practicing concentration every day is the best choice. You can talk to your wife or children and if you feel that your concentration tips of away, just bring it back. That is the best way to bring it back. The more you practice, your stability of concentration will increase. It is nothing but continuing your practice. Force your focus on a particular thing. Your confidence will be increased day by day and life will be happy. And it all begins by learning how to concentrate and stay focused.