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Tesla – emission control approval



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The approval has become possible because the responsible authorities apparently expect a decision in favor of Tesla in the so-called emission control approval process. Objections to the project can still be raised until September 3rd. As part of the second public participation, six new objections have been received since the beginning of July, according to the state office, and six objections have added their objections from the first public participation. Overall, however, this would not require any other assessment by the authorities.

Specifically, the responsible authorities had to take the protection of the groundwater into account in the current approval. To ensure this protection, Tesla must meet special requirements for the material of the concrete piles. In addition, the group has to ensure that when refueling non-mobile pile drivers, no water-polluting substances get into the ground. There were also extensive requirements in terms of noise protection. Noise measurements during the work should ensure that the noise protection regulations are complied with.

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