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Tesla Is a joint car manufacturer of the USA.  they mainly produce eco-friendly cars.  Now, this life is going to Berlin With another design center. the main attraction of the Tesla car is an excellent design. Designing of the car is the endless A4 off automatic designers,  style who can style the car as far Desire of human mind, the industrial designer also keeps their hardest Fort to make the car robust, efficient, and durable.  there are also some aesthetic talents who can make the car attractive to the common people.  Also, the economy is a factor for car designing,  financial analysts are there for producing an economical car which is acceptable to two common people. 

Berlin is a nice place for getting all kinds of talents for future car designs by Tesla. all the giant car manufacturers are coming from the production of German. Over 150 companies, research institutions, and startups are said to be located on the approximately 5.5-hectare site. Large corporations such as BMW, Deutsche Bahn Connect, Cisco, the BVG, but also smaller companies such as the electric car rental company Next move (which, for example, rent Teslas), the e-crashing company Mobileeee and the e-roaming platform for the networking of charging station operators Hubject is located there.

Definitely with the application of good knowledge especially from the side of Germany Tesla will produce excellent cars in the near future.