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Creative activations are becoming increasingly important in influencer marketing. Impact of creativity is endless. In the era of digital technology creativity and design are important in fied of marketing. The following tips can be used to create an ingenious influencer briefing. A contribution to our focus on online marketing, under the hashtag #instafail, campaigns by big marketers attract attention at regular intervals. Why? For example, influencers misrepresent products or simply do not have enough detail about materials and product information. Such misconceptions about contextual issues arise when advertisers or agencies do not adequately brief the influencers. A detailed briefing by the client is an essential part of any campaign and forms after selecting the appropriate influencer – the second step for successful marketing in social networks. What measures can advertisers take to optimize their influencer briefings? What needs to be paid special attention to make the most effective use of budget investment and ensure high campaign outcomes?

Influencer Marketing: Involving brand ambassadors early in the planning process

Find the right measure: In the past, the industry pursued a concept of 100% freedom. Influencers were equipped with products, trusting that they made something out of it. Today, detailed influencer briefings are on the agenda. However, #instafails often arise just when advertisers make too many briefing briefings and thus take away the freedom of influencers to create a post that is authentic. A big opportunity and the challenge is to design the briefing in a way that clearly explains the goals and specifications of the advertisers and at the same time does not restrict the influencers too much in their creativity. It is often difficult for companies to find the right balance between strict guidelines and the granting of freedoms.

Have influencers involved: Influencers should be involved in planning as early as possible so that they feel part of the project. According to the principle of self-selection, they should decide for themselves which campaign they want to work on before being briefed. This ensures that authentic influencers are addressed who is in line with the brand and reach potential consumers with their followers who in any way identify with the brand or product. Thus, a high level of creative freedom, credibility and commitment are guaranteed, because the influencers choose their brand partners themselves. A certain amount of co-creation of the campaign promotes the confidence of influencers to advertisers. The intensity and time of the post and the word size in addition to the specified hashtags should ideally also be in the hands of the influencers – because they themselves know best what their followers like. After all, trust in the cooperation partners, of course, continues to be an important part of the people-based business.

Influencers have great potential for brands: their unique creativity. Brands need to design their campaigns in a way that maximizes the creativity of their influencer partners. Some companies have already learned how to empower influencers creatively and bring them into the idea phase by giving them the freedom to do so. The visual image quality of the posts, an innovative approach to image composition and the creativity in the conceptual implementation are decisive for the success of a campaign. However, the most important criterion for success is the authenticity and credibility of the cooperation and individual posts. Only cooperations that make sense, are coherent in content and fit the influencer and his feed, are to be regarded as a real hit. Briefings should, therefore, contain as few restrictions as possible and leave as much room for creative development as possible.

Followers are increasingly tired of seeing soulless product placement posts on Instagram without creative input from influencers – and that inevitably leads to low engagement. Marketers should not rely solely on the creativity of the influencers, but be active themselves and feed the briefings with new ideas. In addition to the context of the campaign, the messaging and the goals, do’s and don’ts can be explained for a better overall understanding. It is important not to give the influencer the feeling that the creative content of the creative ideas is being controlled by the advertiser. Even the biggest critics of influencer marketing do not necessarily believe that influencer campaigns are a bad method of product marketing – only that most brands are currently misguiding them. There is a need to make influencer marketing more elegant and less superficial

A creative approach on the part of the company can help

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