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Everybody wants to be happy. Whatever we are doing everyday is just for our happiness and also happiness of family. The journey of happiness starts from self and can expand within our surrounding. Happiest people treat themselves in a nice way and make some habit for doing nice thing each day. When you value yourself at work, the more will be your confidence. Happiest people make a boundary around themself and has the ability to say “NO” which is not in their manifesto, which are odd to them. Their life is not explored always for a higher goal rather sometimes concentrate on own self for becoming happiest.

Do one nice thing everyday

Start treat yourself with love and kindness. How you will love yourself? Look at yourself and feel how nice are your combination. Your face, hair, eye, color all are perfect. Are you feeling that you are wearing a nice shirt, a tie or a beautiful shoe? Look around, trees are there who were engaged all the times to give you perfect air. They are not making any sound rather giving you flower. Your cat is looking to you for food. Show kindness to them. Your face is shining by sunlight? Look to the light and feel how all creatures are benefited.

Listen your breath

Can you feel your breath? Feel your perfect mechanism and inner voice. If you close your eyes, you will feel that some voice is talking to you. Talk to that feelings.

Don’t blame yourself

Life is a journey and while crossing that road, we were sometimes angry and harsh to others. May be there were some wrong to our journey of life. Please note that we are human being and not an angle. Forgive yourself for any misdeed you made in your past. May be a great mistake you made and suffered a lot. Just forgive yourself with kindness. Happiness starts from forgiveness.

Accept what you are

Are you feel shy to see your income level? Looking others BMW and feeling unhappy. Feeling pain to look their success story? You are feeling that you are not successful enough? Just accept yourself what you have and who you are. You are one unique creation of this world, there is no other second person like you in this universe. Feel that potentiality. Be yourself .

Eliminate toxic people

This point is very important. While you are doing any business, job, task just eliminate toxic people. Please remember toxic (negative and harmful) and pessimistic people can only emit toxicity which will make you unhappy. Your surrounding will be full of poison. Take your pen and paper write toxic peoples name. Delete forever. (need not put a backup like computer).

Look to your health

Health is wealth and source of all happiness. Do regular exercise and keep yourself anxiety free. Look to your daily food habit and take nutritious food.

Take your meal and sleep timely

Taking meal timely is a good habit. That will keep your health perfect. Don’t be late in night for sleeping. Happy dream will make you more happy.

Long breath

Long breath will give you relaxation when you will be stressed and anxious. It’s a part of breathing exercise of Yoga. For sure you will be free from anxiety and stress.

Welcome yourself

It’s our routine practice to welcome others all day. That not bad, in addition of that you can welcome yourself. You can give a gift to you. It may be a glass of water, book, music, good food, good bed and much more. Make a pleasant place to work. Put some beautiful flowers in that place.

Enjoy sunlight

Sun and moon is gift of nature. In winter love the sunlight and can enjoy moonlight night at any time.

Use perfume

Everybody loves good smell and you too. Collect some perfume and keep them in your wardrobe. It is not only party or office, use good perfume as you wish. You will be able to change the world as per your wish.

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