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Sometimes we search to know about ourselves



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Sometimes we search to know about ourselves and explore science. As much science and philosophy about our being can inform the way we think about how to make decisions in life, it’s important that all those scientific principles also guide us when making choices; they must be considered by everyone else who makes them — for better or worse! Unfortunately, most people have not understood this lesson.

You are energy/universe/environment/God, experiencing as yourself. Easily understood when the illusion of a separate ego disappears. The two extremes we conceptualized as space and matter, mind and body, positive and negative, black and white, light and dark, left and right, east and west, etc, are two different sides of the same coin, and you can never separate them. Simply because at the fundamental level they are one. You as an individual human organism are like a wave of an ocean or a branch of a tree which is the whole universe. Now they might seem separate in our conceptual sphere of thought but in most basic reality are always one.

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