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Shenzen- IT hub of China



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Have you visited on a weekday night in Shenzhen? It is a great place for PRC and a pleasant part of China. The place is productive, intelligent, and full of human energy flowing continuously.  All these things are due to Deng Xiaoping the revered granddaddy of China’s free-market reforms. In the evening you will find a good gathering of people outside the home.  Definitely it is something different from other parts of China. It’s a city of importance young hard-working smart and often free-thinking people. You will get peoples from all around the country are gathered together.

You will smell the folks in Silicon Valley there. Some of the buildings are 115 floors, lift passes at a ridiculous speed.  40 years ago all this was farmland and dirt roads, full of green. A minor hub for rural goods trading just across the border from Hong Kong. Now it’s the hot steamy frenetic home to 13000000 people, only because of the Silicon Valley of China. Everything here moves at what’s known as Shenzhen’s. It’s a phrase that describes an unyielding pace of change. You will also find a quick scan of government projects drones. There are grim factories all around.  And then there’s, this place run by grants an electronic.  The place surroundings are intended to make customers from all parts of the world feel comfortable. But inside it’s more like you’d expect. Dozens of workers moving its engine speed, making fancy headphones for an Australian company called MERA and a lot of other companies in the world.

For running assembly work, they have a supply chain, that’s a plan that can make any complaint in the headlines. Labor costs are not as cheap as used to be but still reasonable.  A lot of good industry for making good toys.   Workers work overtime to save up as much money as they can. There is a major lifestyle advantage, a good living place, and evening entertainment. You will find a lot of entrepreneurs who come to get their gear made in Shenzhen. There’s a flourishing scene here for hardware startups that want to move fast can make things. Many of them can be found here a start-up incubator called hacks. The idea here is simple. Help startups build a prototype and connect them with factories that can start cranking out their products by the thousands. Now just a couple of years later they’re pumping out 5000 production units of their product every month.  So much cheaper in many different countries, it’s cheaper like in the product development phase to get different materials. 3 D. printed all machines you get half, a kind of half the cost.  They’re an important resource for the young entrepreneurs here in a fantastic place to get your senses overloaded. The energy right through the market is like.  There are places where factories have come to display their products. 

It’s also a great place to find that missing part for your prototype. That’s like that is changing all projects.  Here’s how Shenzhen works. We’re talking about a boomtown the likes of which the world has never seen before. And things are just getting started and progressive. You will find inside the big city is the real action. It’s a scene of smarts creativity and hustle being collectively mainline. It might even be inhumane. But all of this is aimed at making China the dominant technology force of the future. Silicon Valley should be very very afraid by seeing this scene!  There is a tough competition for achieving a goal project.  You will find a lot of electronics gazates like drones, headphones, robots, TV, camera, mobile phone and a lot of others. Drones and some special ones like this crop dusting drones. All the products have sold well in the global market. 

Shenzhen as the robots rise and send millions of workers to unemployment. But it’s not just the working class that’s facing a dark future. Their massive innovations that seemed to touch every area of life here.   America laughs these things off years ago, but here they run the entire account. Cash and credit cards are history. Instead, you scan QR codes to pay for everything. Restaurants, Groceries, and much another place.  There is an easy convenient mobile payment system. But there’s also a dark side. The Chinese government can peer into the 2 dominant payment system. Alipay and WeChat as it sees fit. It’s already started tracking behavior as part of a plan to rank citizens and measure how good going to be. The tech revolution may have brought prosperity to Shenzhen but it’s also brought more and more insidious intrusions into people’s lives.  

Face recognition of everyone is a easy technology there. Not only this but also a lot of other gazets which you will feel surprised.

 The ground truth of Shenzen is amazing. A clear picture of what China’s growing tech prowess will mean for the rest of us. You will face a big confusion as ever. The city is full of energy, desires, and creativity.  Hope human nature will be benefited much more with their new invention.