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The royals love to travel like other people. It seeks peace in remote places. Popular ski slopes are also a favorite with royalty. Here you can see some destinations that are very popular with noble people. 

The Caribbean: The Caribbean is a favorite of the British royal family. The island of Mustique has a special place in their hearts. Princess Margrét, sister of Queen Elizabeth of England, owned a house on the island. Katrin and Vilhjalmur have also been diligent in traveling there. Princess Diana was also diligent in visiting the Caribbean. 

Botsvana: Harry and Meghan went on a trip to Botswana when they started dating in 2016. A year later, they returned to the African country. Harry had been to Iceland before and knows Bótsvana well. He then chose a diamond from the country to put in the engagement ring he gave Meghan. 

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