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Response to the climate emergency



climate change
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The UK through a bidding process, get success for act as host COP 26, a conference of the party having a partnership of Italy. The event will happen at Glasgow’s Scottish Events Campus (SEC) tentatively end of next year. Climate change becomes an emergency and 30,000 delegates will attain. Italy will arrange a preparatory event.

President of COP26 has focused that world leaders will come to together for a brief discussion on how to manage climate change on a global scale.

The UK will host the main COP summit while Italy will host preparatory events and a significant youth event, as part of the agreement. Climate change secreatory of schtish government said that the decision of hosting COP26 was right. The aim is to produce an international response for handling an emergency.

The UK is engaged to reduce emission from 1990. By this time emission reduces 40% while developing the economy at the same time.

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