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Why not a Chinese speaks to a German in their own language? You need to activate Google translator, need to speak in your own language and by this time Google will translate what you are saying on the fly to both the speaker. The features is free as well as Google translate. Only you need a microphone and you can translate phrase and words. Google brings speaking and listening appas to iPhone.

Abroad, the Google Translator often helps with conversations. Now Google is bringing the interpreter mode, which was previously available for Google Home devices, to the smartphone. The new mode translates spoken language live into a foreign language. The translation appears on the display and is played at the same time – as if an interpreter was speaking.The interpreter mode is integrated in the Google Assistant and is therefore directly available for Android users. IOS has the Google Assistant app. An interesting feature: the assistant not only translates, but also makes suggestions for specific questions. An example: When asked whether a dish contains a certain ingredient, the interpreter not only replies with the translation, but also offers the three answer buttons “Yes”, “No”, “I don’t know”. This should make conversations faster and smoother, according to Google . “The interpreter mode is there to break down language barriers wherever you are,” Google writes. The live translator is suitable for private and professional situations. Previously, travelers would have used the Google Assistant to search for flights, find local restaurants or discover attractions. The interpreter should expand this offer.The Google interpreter can translate between 44 different languages ​​live and works with the keyboard instead of voice commands.

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