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Quarantine become difficult



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A young woman who was diagnosed with the corona virus on Monday night and is now staying in the epidemiological center had been anxious to become infected since January. She took special care of her but still became infected. The woman, , says that it has taken a long time to be diagnosed and the stay in the quarantine will become more difficult with each passing day. If you stay in winter area, nothing to do except looking outside window.

Adda could not stay at home due to her father’s underlying illnesses, so she and Hanna went into isolation in the quarantine house. The couple will probably stay there for about two weeks or until the illness is over. Asked how the stay was, Adda says:”I do not think there is anything that describes how difficult this is. You find how it gets harder every day. These are small rooms and you somehow just lie in bed or sit in a chair all day. It’s very hard not to be able to go out on the balcony or anything out. It has been incredibly good weather and you look out the window and see people sitting in the sun. You can feel the feeling of confinement growing. “Adda and Hanna have been looking for another place to stay but it has been difficult. They do not have a backyard that has access to a holiday home or other housing that is not in use. “Everyone is so incredibly fond of this COVID virus and becomes so adored by us that it is impossible to get anywhere to be.” Take a tea or coffee and looking outside window is only option.

When asked, Adda says that it is uncomfortable to find people being infected with them because of the infection. “Fortunately, only three of us went into quarantine because of us as we had been very little around people the days before. Everyone is talking about not having a contagion and being ashamed of having to quarantine or infect others because you have no control over it, but you still feel that people are uncomfortable. a person is infected. “People are very scared of this.”What is a typical day like in the Epidemic? “You are advised to set up a routine, but it is very difficult when you are only in one room. It’s incredibly easy to fall into just lying in bed and watching Netflix TV. So far, we’ve been doing it a little bit, but it’s also related to the fact that we’ve been a little slack. We really want to do something, “says Adda.”I have to submit my BA thesis now in a few days because I have quite a bit left and did not expect to get sick. “Even though I have the physical energy to write, I’m not sure my brain can handle it.”