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Problem-solving is a great quality



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Throughout our whole life, our main attachment is to solve problems. Problem-solving is a big skill that everyone inherited, but the habit starts from an early age. Going to school, coming from school, getting up on time, going shopping, practicing school assignments, and attending exams well in time. All these habit makes a attitude to solve problems. We are constantly dealing with various problems in social life. Many of them are income-related, disease-related, behavior-related, and some of them are peculiar.

The first step in solving a problem is to identify the problem. Many people cannot do that task nicely. As a result, they are carrying the problem throughout the whole life. Until unless you will not feel the problem, visualize problem will keep you trouble constantly staying in hideout.

Educating our children is to enriched them with problem solving capability. World is full of hidden context and some of the gamut are visible and some are in hide. Problem solving capacity increase by attaching with the problem from boyhood. It’s a quality which can be increased with practice.

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