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Powertoys – Work faster on the desktop



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Power toys are the freeware system aimed for the power user. Windows 95 is the first version of power toys which includes 15 tools for users. Among other tools, there are cab view, CD autoplay, contest menu, desktop menu, taskbar, find X, Flexi CD, etc. Powertoys for Windows 10 will work faster.

Earlier it was in Windows 95 – now on Windows 10: The Powertoys project to make Windows handling easier and more comfortable. Already live are Fancyzones and the Shortcut Guide.

The nineties were not the best decade in many ways – just the music was weird, the fashion was weird.  however, were small tools that Microsoft developers had developed as a hobby project and made free for Windows 95 for download. Among them were many nice-to-haves, which improved the user experience of the operating system – the general consensus was: These features should have been part of Windows from the outset. After many years of break, the Powertoys now come to the current MS-OS Windows 10, first in a preview version. Although they are meant for Windows XP users according to Windows Insider, the Powertoys simplify of course the everyday use of the operating system for all other users. One of the exciting things about this is that the source code can be found publicly at GitHub. Users and hobby developers can help themselves to develop new toys for Windows, but at Microsoft one also tinkers on others. Suggestions and suggestions are also welcome.

The power toys guide enable us to create motion pictures directly from the screen.

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