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Patient needs to be fear-free first



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For any type of patient, it needs to be fear-free first. It is the programming of the absent mind by which he will be cured with a short period of time. Fear free is the concept of medicine that attributes the reduction of feelings of stress in all patients which in return will result in a better experience for all. When a patient sees that he is attacked by some disease, his morale goes down. The phenomenon is the same for heart attack patients.

The basics for the treatment of a patient of heart attack are to alleviate the patient’s acute pain-reducing anxiety, unrest or fear. This is normal that the injured heart will not be able to function as before. The lower the pressure on the heart having such an injury, the better it will be the condition. Along with alleviating pain or anxiety and fear, it is important to keep the patient fully under rest, encourage repeatedly. Besides this, as soon as the treatment of problems such as shock, heart failure, lung water, dropped heartbeat, etc. due to the attack will be begun, so much the chances of recovery would be increased.

There is a training called fear-free training. The basic of training is Let Go of Pre-Existing Ideas That Don’t Make Sense.

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