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No animals are born as dependent as the human child, carelessness in the pursuit of life, what is the proper direction for our children? Every parent tries hard to raise the child in a good direction. Discipline is growing in this context in the family for getting a direction. They want the child to cool their eyes and will give them the time they need. Time did not change the traditional idea of ​​being successful in any profession. Signs of professionalism are more important than children’s upbringing. The key to learning parenting is to adapt to the changing age of the child. The reality is that many parents have gone astray due to the failure to adapt to the evolution and dynamics of society.  All the healthy parenting, primarily the goal of children is started with the thinking of parents. Have we ever thought that what will be the outcome of our parenting thinking? At present, there is a large part of our thinking and efforts are focussing on the economic prosperity of children. We hope to see the children come out as good people, accepted by society. We want to see children succeed in establishing themselves as a treasure of prosperity. There is no economic constrain. They want to be successful in life beyond everything.

What method and language will be best for our children education? The solution is more likely to be fulfilled by any method at school. No method is the best method. We are not sure if this will help in development because of the idea that children can be better characterized when sent to school at an early stage, we are not sure about the means by which education is available in various mediums. What are books and teaching materials are available? Language and abundance of books are essential.  Children’s have goals in life to become a policeman primarily and want to be doctors, engineers, model, social worker, politician, businessman and much more. What we have learned about the goals of life in principle is that there is nothing wrong with leading the modern world. The modern world is more problematic than the ancient world. The sky cannot be touched is not true, the dream can’t be achieved is also not true. The bigger the dream, the greater the chances of success in our society. The sky can be touched if there is a sky.

Parents are always thinking that the child will get a good job and get a good salary. As the people progress towards civilization, the amount of gold deer in the name of job is decreasing. People are losing their jobs in the developed world. Artificial intelligence and digital technology are taking way. On the other hand, thousands of problems are increasing. Being a knowledgeable and ideal person at the center of jobs is not important to us. In many cases, we do not seek competition in enrolling children in good schools. Sometimes worry about additional costs or through the admission of children to get higher education and discipline in a reputed university. The reality is that special education institutions are civil privileges percentages of our activism values, cultural richness, humble people and lack of boldness like ours, making selfless people in our education is the highest instability.

It is not wise to make our children selfish. The universe is big, resource and creativity are also big. It is better to look beyond the horizon that will help good parenting.

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