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Pandemic changed learning



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Adults are a good part of society and need continuous development for taking part in progress. The corona pandemic has changed adult education centers. From now on, courses had to be offered online. This will also affect various other programs in the future. A great change of pandemic.

The concept is working and hope will continue to learning. Because it had to. The belly dance class was online, the cooking class was streamed, and language classes were webinars. “We had already started the digital process, but the corona situation threw us into a turbo gear overnight,” says, Monika Nickels. It was a great challenge, a “huge effort” that also changed the view. “We now look at projects differently when we are planning, and ask: Can you do that online?” The vision of the world has been changed.

Because of the uncertainty of what is and what does not remain in the pandemic. “We try to get as much as possible, but it depends on many ifs and buts,” the voice of an entrepreneur.

Warren Buffet started at $1000 and by investing he become a billionaire. Start with your online learning.

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