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Own social network – Mr. Trump



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In one to two months it should be so far: ex-President Donald Trump wants to open a separate offer from all networks after being kicked out. His advisor promises great things. After US President Trump was kicked out of practically all social networks , he is now working on his own. It should completely redefine the “game”, Jason Miller recently boasted on the conservative broadcaster Fox . Miller believes the new platform will attract millions. He has been at the ex-president’s side again since last summer after falling out of favor in 2016: As an election campaign manager, he impregnated his colleague AJ Delgado. However, he was able to maintain his contacts in the highest conservative circles while he completely dropped the pregnant single parent. Observers see opportunities for a new, conservative platform. After the Capitol riots, many networks began to severely curtail right-wing and extreme right-wing content . The storm also led to Facebook and Twitter banning the ex-president and the tech giants chasing the conservative network Parler off the servers. The new edition of Parler is only slowly getting back on its feet. Miller believes the new Trump service will be the “hottest ticket” in terms of social media. However, he did not reveal who should operate the platform for the ultra-conservative opinion leader. “But I can say that once he starts it will be big,” is a relatively vague statement. Instead, he spoke of “high-level meetings” and “numerous companies” that have shown interest. 

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