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Amazon Cloud Service
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Open source project needs heavy storage facility. Traffic and bandwidth are also important for smooth operation.Amazon has announced its commitment to the open source community through enhanced sponsorship. With credits for the use of cloud computing services projects should be the base load.Through a straight forward application process, Amazon invites open source projects to seek credits for AWS cloud services that will then help secure the operation of the project as a kind of prepaid balance. Similar to Microsoft’s Azure, open source projects are playing an increasingly important role in the various Amazon web services . If you search in Amazon cloud Elastic 2, you will find various operating systems. In addition, Amazon is involved in sponsoring events, sharing its own technologies as open source, or contributing code to other freelance projects.Amazon promises to review and approve incoming applications within ten to fifteen business days. The whole process is done by e-mail.

The application process is quite simple. Projects applying for sponsorship must be under an OSI license (open source initiative) and have an AWS account. Then it is necessary to fill out a short application form, which should also explain how much and for which a credit is requested. Credits granted will then be valid for one year until maturity.

The application process is simple and so far no complicated feedback.