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In Germany and other countries, more people have contracted the corona virus again.Not all people who are infected get sick. But you can infect others. Virus tests can be used to identify who has the corona virus and who does not. The federal government has decided: Anyone who comes to Germany from a risk area must do a corona test. Risk area means: Many people have the virus there.Today the Ministry of Health decided: Spain is a high-risk area. The islands of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza are also risk areas. The decision is important for the people who are there on vacation. You have to do a corona test when you return to Germany. They have to stay at home until the result is there.

There has been a new virus since January 2020. A virus can make you sick. The new virus is called: Corona virus or Sars-CoV-2. The word Corona means crown. The shape of the virus looks something like a crown. The virus was in China first. Many people around the world have been infected, including in Germany. Anyone who has the virus can catch a cold. Many have a cough and a fever. Most people recover on their own. But some people get serious lung disease. These people can die from the virus. There is still no medicine or vaccine against the virus. It is therefore particularly important not to get infected.