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The actor Sverrir Guonason will play one of the main roles in the episodes Alska mig, or Elskaoa mig, which can be found on the streaming channel Viaplay and another series will be available there from tomorrow, 13 September. Sverrir plays Peter Peter, the main character in the first series, who is played by Josephine Bornebusch, who is also the show’s screenwriter and director. Sverrir and I have known and worked together for a long time, but for those who do not know, Sverrir is one of Sweden’s best known and most popular actors, even though he is Icelandic in skin and hair. 

The previous series Love Me will be one of the most popular that Viaplay has shown since it was disconnected from the utility. Sverrir is asked to tell about the episodes, what they are about. 

Sverrir Gudnason: Nordic Golden Boy | GQ

“They are about family. The mother dies and everyone in the family has become single, “says Sverrir and also refers to the widower, Sten. “These are episodes about their love life and I play the man my daughter, Clara, meets,” says Sverrir. Is he in a very romantic role ? “Yes, this is a great romance,” Sverrir replies with a smile. He says he has played little in such shows or movies. “I have done some romantic comedies and found that Josephine Bornebusch, the show’s author, wanted to do something more,” says Sverrir. He says there is a danger that such material, a romantic comedy drama, will be silly, but this was not the case in these episodes. “When I met her and she told me what she was going to do, I thought it could be very good.”How fellow is Peter? Did not you create a character to work with before filming began ?

“Of course you could say that Peter is in the first series a bit of that perfect man who is not very easy to meet. It somehow works for him, but now series two is coming and let’s see what happens, “Sverrir answers asshole. “No one is perfect.” 

I like having a variety of roles

Sverrir has acted in a number of TV shows and films during his career, but the film titles are far more than the TV show titles. But does he have a dream role, a role he has not yet been offered? “I just do not think so,” he replies, saying he has not foreseen the roles he has taken on over the years. He enjoys playing a variety of roles, such as playing Peter in Love Me and then Kurt Haijby. Sverrir avoids repetition and says he wants to try different roles. A journalist finally asks the actor when he will act in an Icelandic episode or film. “I’m always trying to plan something like that, but I’m not been able to put it into practice. I hope it happens soon. “

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