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Space is a vast and endless identity. The immense distance from home never before experienced by human beings with the constant changes in the space surrounding this small life of the earth. Our place is sustaining crime and chaos and with nowhere else to go. The psychological impact on the crew could be severe. The endless journey has fear and challenges. For a person not to feel the fear of getting on a rocket and launching into space and then going to Mars is not a normal thing. So generally fear is a very normal thing in that case. Cabin fever is there which is an outcome of a psychological phenomenon. The crew might go literally crazy. We are telling about fear of space but have we ever thought that many people have a more difficult and harder situation while living on earth? We are in lockdown and facing COVID. If the crew of a sailing vessel away from home for more than three years under conditions in which they are extremely bad for without any medical knowledge to support their health commanded by brutal officers! How the crew of the human Mars mission with the full support of mission supporting the whole world cheering for them and great rewards waiting for them once upon their return? But the thing is vessel return has a good probability, on the other hand, the same probability on spacecraft?

Our place is sustaining crime and chaos and with nowhere else to go.

When we go to Mars you are going to redefine the concept of loneliness and so it is very important. On the journey there are no friends, social life, family communication, and entertainment. Until he discovers a new life. Some of the missions to Mars could not be resolved until we can prove a human is free and can manage a lot of needs for a reasonable time. There is another possibility that after return to earth it needs to be investigated that what disease they are carrying? And like the Apollo astronauts who spent seventeen days in quarantine after they returned from the space existence. The probability is infinitesimally tiny but still, the risk is there. Earth, is this is our home planet and it’s extremely important and we have to protect it.

The disease is a great risk and need preventive efforts. Diseases that affect our ancestors and our relatives are a great concern. It is true that specifically designed cabin is there inside spacecraft with a habitat condition but when they will go out to another planet might be affected with unseen germs. For example I don’t know of any person who’s ever contracted Dutch elm disease?

We need a balance of our planning and vision and also to calculate challenges. It is a fact that without challenges, nothing better is possible. We need to explore another planet quickly.