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Our global problems are increasing day by day. Environmental, disease diagnosis, prototype test, tsunami, earthquake, volcano, Corona virus all these are burning issues. We need faster computer for researching those problems. But when are these computers ready? Should IT companies really already deal with this technology in order to have advantages over the competition at an early stage and not to take any security risks? Researchers would answer yes to these questions because the changes in the IT landscape are bound to come and they want to be prepared for them.

The great strength of quantum computers lies in their functionality. Today’s computers work on the basis of bits. Everything a computer does can be traced back to simple, logical connections that are represented by 0 and 1 in computer science. The fact that simple calculations with bits enable complex software such as word processing, video games, the Internet or even machine learning is due to the fact that computers can master them millions of times within a second. On the other hand, even powerful supercomputers reach their limits at some point. For example, if researchers wanted to simulate a molecule at the atomic level with all possible states and interactions, supercomputers would be occupied longer than a human life.