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A home is a nice place for living and we are working days and night for getting a comfortable environment. We enjoy our sweet home with all amenities. Our living atmosphere expected to be safe, enjoyable, and affordable. Modern amenities need to be there for us as well as for our children. This race is endless but we cannot avoid it. How we can live in a limited urban area with all these amazing facilities that contest is going on day and night. Technology is associated with this race and cost also. With the evolving technology cost of property in urban areas is comparably high. Nowadays there has been a demanding indictment of living conditions in a remote community not only in America but Australia too. Maybe all around the world same formula is working. The picture of the living conditions of the urban poor is too real to be tolerated. As such he is bound to shift to a rural area.

Balance of urban and rural is essential 

Freedom from physical threats and safe living conditions are the foundations of a dignified existence just as much as civic and human rights. However, the evolving nature of technology in the real estate business is endless. You need an air-condition / heater in your room, that is agreed. You can expect a BMS (building management system) that is also nice. Home theater is fine, digital control is more than fine but if everybody needs an adjacent swimming pool to his home is not that cost-effective as well as socially friendly. Why not a planetarium in your home? A library like the British council? Already Helicopter occupied your roof. Journey to the moon is next? Need a personal zoo?

Considering all these facts, in one morning you may find yourself in a rural area. You may be happy to see nature, lake, birds, green grass and friendly people. Air is pure there. However for close living conditions, poor sanitation, and lack of medical facilities has led to increase of communicable diseases. Some of them will not make you happy. You can write a letter to your authority for solving those but budget will be limited. Fact is that is a rural area is not a place for money generation. Moreover free from industrial pollution.

Home less in NY

Paris is a nice city with art, culture and love. That, combined with the lights of the city and French conversation, clarified why Paris was always associated with romance. France, more so Paris, is known for appreciation and direction of finer things of life. Paris is famous for music and wine, beautiful smile! However one night I was walking through roads of Paris. I was very charmed by looking color of night and it is a marvelous thing to hear that rumble of thunder in the distance and the clattering of the raindrops beginning to fall. Suddenly I found a family sitting in street with children bagging for food. What was the message to me? Much of the human population there lacks the essentials, so of course homeless dogs and cats are allotted next to nothing ! I don’t agree with this.

It is unrealistic to ask rich person to love the spirit of poverty and live as the poor. The richest country in the industrialized world will continue to have some of the worst pockets of poverty. Can we made a balance living ? Once abundance can save others life. The lesser will be worst pocket of poverty, the world will be more beautiful.

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