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Nature is not made by humans and sometimes we become surprised with celestial bodies, river, ocean, roaming creature, landforms, trees, waterfalls, cave, mountain, and even a small insect.  Nature is an amazing term and we know very few of that. All we are familiar with natural phenomena. It is a broad term and combines the natural, physical, and material world. Life is a part of nature as well as human, movement, and activities all around. We love our life as part of natural beings. One would use the word to define the physical world as we know it including animals, plants, geographic terrain. In this definition the word is used to describe the world and by extension suggests naturalism or living with little invention/innovation as necessary. On the other hand the word could be used to describe specific traits associated with an object such as the complexion, temperament, stature, etc. In this case the word tends to allude toward providing some essential descriptive information.

Nature and Natural Phenomenon

While the obvious aspects of nature are quite easy to see and describe, there is a lot more to wonder when we consider the subatomic elements of nature. So beautiful, doing a systematic approach and organized. For instance, an individual’s nature could be the description of their facial features, temperament, and complexion among a number of relatively self-explanatory/evident traits. However, thanks to science we can truly wonder at “mother nature”. For instance, not too many years ago people simply assumed that the human being was created simply through a process of copulation. In these dark ages it was not uncommon to find people who gave birth to children with birth defects attributing these defects to some “inexplicable” circumstance. What followed was sacrifices and cleansing to appease the “gods” and rid oneself of these problems.

What science says? Today thanks to science we know that the human being is indeed formed through the combination of very unique DNA strands that are found in every living cell and merge during the process of fertilization to begin a “new” life. While this process that a recessive gene could contribute to the above defects. As such this is not always the case, in fact, it may even be rare, there are factors that contribute to the formation, growth, and birth of a human being that contributes to birth defects. Through science, our understanding of nature is constantly changing with each new discovery. Thanks to scientists who are working hard to overcome several problems and giving us a gift with a new inventions. But truly we know very little.

Still in relation to nature and natural phenomenon, science has been instrumental in providing information about the origins of the universe as we feel deeper to understand nature. While it was for years believed that the world was the result of a simple process of evolution, today science has crucial evidence that suggests otherwise. Many scientists around the world today agree on the fact that the origin of the universe is not as simple as explained in theories of evolution. Some propose concepts such as the big bang and the evidence in support of these theories is overwhelming. Can we expect another new theory to overcome big bang? Basically the journey of invention and finding the truth is endless! 

So do we really have an answer?

Given the above position in relation to science and nature the perspective in relation to the above question would really be a question of a personal perspective. For instance, some religions suggest a big bang and will thus concur with science. On the other hand others suggest an intelligent being which would also be a reasonable conclusion. After all if the creature can understand the big bang, how much more capable would such intelligence have the capacity to muster. For the atheist, science would be an answer. It would appear the paths merge in the distance. The question is how long is the distance is? The answer is, it is a matter of time and effort. 

We need to survive within nature as such requires food, medicine, and shelter. Moreover, we also need food from animals. It is amazing as the researcher told us that our feelings are connected with nature at a distinct level.

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