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Do you really feel that your voice is important for how society develops? Does your vote really make a difference in politics? Maybe not. I certainly don’t find in fact. I think our time is better spent on technological innovation than political agitation. Three movements within technology that you can be part of that, can radically change the world in the next five years more. Let’s see how this has happened before. For a hundred years scientists tried to stop overpopulation by getting politicians to make new laws. Then in the 1960s, the population growth rate turned around. Some politician finally forbids us to make more babies. The pill became widely available in the Western world.

Does anyone agree there should be no taxes during business processes?

But democracy produces the kind of leaders that the majority wants!

These scientists stopped lobbying government and spent more time developing the pill. They could have stopped worrying much earlier. But democracy produces the kind of leaders that the majority wants, so even the person on top does not dare implement a policy that most people do not support. After all, this is what democracy is all about. We have individuals who truly made that global impact using technology. For instance, Steve Jobs made smartphones popular, many credit smartphones for playing an important role in the Arabian Spring. These guys needed no majority consent to do crazy world-changing stuff, so now I’ll tell you about three new technologies with huge political impact. For the first one, let me ask you when was the last time we saw major innovation in political systems? I think it was with the invention of modern democracy with the founding of the United States. This is 300 years ago. Imagine if you drove a car from 300 years ago then you would be driving a horse innovation in any field requires experimentation. So if we want to find better political systems, we need space to experiment. This taken by existing countries, but 70% of the surface of the earth is water. Seasteading is the technology that will allow us to move civilization on to the ocean. People are already living weeks on end on cruise ships with this technology. We can build a hundred new countries at sea. You may have an idea for how to run a country! someone wants to try a corporate model where shareholders tried to maximize profits and other ones to try a direct democracy. With all decisions, taken in online polls, the key is those countries that do best, will attract more citizens and grow serving as inspiration for the rest of the world. This is not just a crazy idea it’s about to happen. So this ship is being rented out to entrepreneurs who want to do business and live in international waters. So imagine, if all the money going into lobbyist and political campaigns, in the last 10 years had been spent instead on creating new countries at sea.

Globally bitcoin is an open-source cash currency for the internet. Bitcoin is decentralized, so unlike with bank accounts, there are no requirements for you to get a Bitcoin account and sending and receiving bitcoins worldwide has practically no fees whatsoever unlike with PayPal or Western Union. Bitcoin users in this network Pradeep can now sell his flutes to a global market. All he needs to do is go to an internet cafe open a Bitcoin account and accept payments. This will allow him to pay for schooling, of his children, and if he had been required to set up a bank account and register a business. So imagine the progress! Bitcoin can bring to the developing world as everyone gets the opportunity to sell globally, brought to them by innovation instead of agitation. 3d printing physical objects instead of just letters on paper. Emma can have new sizes printed cheaply as she grows. and this happy is happening right now. Karl Marx could have dreamed of he likes that but interestingly it’ll be the result of everything he fought against companies and individuals acting in their own self-interest with strong profit motives, not through revolutionary politics but innovation instead of agitation. So these were my three favorite technologies but there are many others and I’ll leave you with this well-known saying politics is the art of the possible, on the other hand, technology can be defined as the tools and knowledge that makes the impossible become possible. Sometimes I just can’t sleep, because I can’t wait to be living on a seastead paying my rents in bitcoins and having a 3d printed steak for dinner. I don’t know your dreams but I urge you to consider whether it will be politics or technology that will get you there and make your vision come true.

Courtesy: Lasse Birk Olesen