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How was the Moon Formed?

  1. Wonder of Science
  2. Ginat Impact Theory
  3. The Co Formation Theory
  4. Earth and the moon were formed together
  5. Collided to form the moon
  6. Capture Theory

Wonder of Science

Scientists have been example wondering about the origin and the creation of the moon for a long time. They have come up with a lot of theories and hypothesis that propose how the moon could have come into existence. The solar system developed over a long period of time with the sun that came into existence the first and the moon that took another 100 million years to form. After many years of research and development the scientists were able to propose three theories on the formation of the full moon that became popular, widely accepted and were able to answer a lot of the questions that were left unanswered for a long time.

The Giant Impact Theory

The Giant Impact Theory states that the moon was formed when a giant body as big as Mars known as Theia smashed into the newly born earth. As a result of the collision, a lot of the surface particles of the Earth’s crust were released into space. These particles were vaporized and with the help of the gravity, they drew closer to each other thus forming the moon. This theory is the most popular and the most accepted because it clearly explains why Moon is less dense than the earth as it is made up of lighter particles that were released from the Earth’s crust and not the rocky molten rocks from the core of the earth. Moreover, this theory helps to explain why the Earth and the moon are twins and have almost the same chemical composition. It is also stated by NASA that this collision was the most powerful collision and the magnitude of the energy was 100 times more than the energy that was responsible to make the dinosaurs extinct.

The Co Formation Theory

This Co formation Theory states that it is possible for the moons to form at the same time as their parent planets as the gravity that is responsible to draw together the particles of the planet would work the same way for the moons and at the same time not later. It is for this reason that such kind of moon would share the same chemical composition as its parent planet and would orbit closer to it. The researcher Robert Canup believed in this theory and proposed that the Earth and the moon were formed together when two giant objects that were 5 times the size of the mars smashed into each other. Furthermore, NASA stated that after colliding with each other these objects collided with each other again resulting in the formation of the earth that was surrounded by the particles that collided to form the moon.

The Capture Theory

The Capture theory states that a hard rocky body (moon) was formed somewhere else in the solar system and got attracted or captured by Earth’s gravitational forces which bought it closer to the Earth. This theory explains why and how the earth and moon are different in the things they are different. However, one challenging idea to this theory is that the body drew closer to the planet this way has a different shaped orbit which is not elliptical.

Which theory is best so far

In the light of the above-mentioned information and other evidence, it can be concluded the Giant impact theory is the most successful theory in answering the questions that have been unanswered for a long time.


  1. A brief history
  2. Mysterious as the dark side of the Moon
  3. Moon as Burial Ground
  4. Lunacy is caused by the Moon

Have you ever looked at the moon and wonder how it controls so many things. The orb in the night sky not only looks gorgeous but also is in charge of so many things such as the tidal waves in the ocean. We need to know about its brief history. The more you think about it the more intriguing the full moon sounds. The phrase, “the dark side of the moon” has been used to describe the unknown and the mysterious. As it is said that the dark or far side of the moon is that which faces away from the earth and is not seen.

A brief history

Man has always been curious. Since moon seems to be a pretty mysterious object, many countries have tried to unravel the mystery that is this beauty of nature. In 1959, Russian engineers were successful in sending a spacecraft which could orbit around the moon. The spacecraft was sent hardly two years after Sputnik was sent into orbit. This was done to get a glimpse of the very mysterious far side of the moon. So the first glimpse of the far side of the full moon came in only due to the efforts of Soviet Union’s Luna 3 spacecraft almost 60 years back. Time has arrived to find dark side mystery of the moon.

Mysterious as the dark side of the Moon

You have probably heard this a lot of times. However, there are certain truths to the myths about the far side of the full moon. Some have been explained by science, while some remain pieces of information that are good for slumber parties. Following are certain secrets and lesser-known facts about the moon.

Moon as Burial Ground

Moon as a burial ground, this is actually a fact and not a myth. The story goes like, a famous astronomer and geologist, Eugene, was the scientist who invented the research methods and techniques of cosmic impacts. These techniques were then used by Apollo astronauts used to research the moon. Eugene wanted to be the one to be sent to the moon. However, he was turned down due to some minor medical issue. This was his biggest disappointment. Although he always dreamed of visiting the moon someday. When he died, NASA fulfilled his lifelong wish by sending his ashes to the moon. That is where is remains are, scattered among the moon dust forever!

Lunacy is caused by the Moon

It has been said by people of times long ago that crazy things used to happen when the full moon was in the night sky. Hence the word, “LUNAR” for the moon.
Science has not been able to give a reason for this, nonetheless, it is still true that the moon has an influence on the tides of the oceans. Not only has that but the moon has always had some sort of influence on the emotions of human beings. The unexplainable thing that happens during a full moon, is the rise in crime on such nights.

Blood Moon

The blood moon is one of the most amazing factors associated with the moon. For those who have not witnessed it, the moon turns into an eerie shade of red. It is said to be associated with werewolves. That, however, is still supposed to be a myth. The blood moon is also referred to as the lunar eclipse.

What Do Moon Rocks Tell Us about the Universe?

  1. What are Moon Rocks?
  2. Moon rocks built up the understanding of Cosmos
  3. How the moon came into existence
  4. Lunar Rock Tells us

What are Moon Rocks?


Moon rocks are also called lunar rocks. During the human curious trips for research purposes on Moon by Apollo, moon rocks were collected. They appear naturally on the moon’s surface and were collected to have a better understanding of the moon and universe. But it also ended up giving information about Earth. Moon and Earth are not different from each other, apparently, they are said to be twins as their chemical properties are very much similar to each other. Moon rocks gathered from the moon are mostly grey in color, they are said to be the most precious materials on Earth.

Moon rocks built up the understanding of Cosmos

Moon rocks help us understand the cosmos. Between the six missions to moon from 1969 to 1972, nine containers of rocks and soil of more than 382 kg were brought back to Earth to uncover the secrets of the universe. To understand the science of planets, moon is said to be its cornerstone. They are the most expensive rocks on Earth, which were present on the surface of moon without being disturbed by the humankind for a long time. As soon as they arrived on Earth in nine containers, scientists all over the world wanted to research on them because they were the answer to many questions that revolved around the world. It was considered a huge achievement. They were so precious that even when they were placed under a secure roof, they were still stolen. The history of the moon is understood by the size, shape, arrangement, and composition of the grains and crystals in the rock. The age of the rock is found out by the radioactive clocks.

They Show How the moon came into existence

When scientists started studying the lunar rocks, they learned about the changes occurring during the early development of the moon. Enormous craters were created; some were as large as the size of countries. These basins were filled with ancient volcanic eruptions along with vast plains of lava which formed the dry seas and are very much visible from Earth. The giant impact theory explains how the moon and Earth were formed. The latest version of this theory states that the moon and Earth were formed from the magma rain emitted from the enormous hot vapor that filled the space in the shape of a doughnut. The rise and fall of Earth’s ocean tides occur due to the gravitational pull between Earth and moon, keeping each other close. Apart from the appearances, the minerals, grains sizes, and shapes of the moon and Earth are the same.

Lunar Rocks Reveal More Than Just Information about the Moon

Discoveries not only on the moon, but Mars, Mercury, and asteroids, were also made from the studies conducted on the moon rocks. They played an important role in understanding the space. It informed us about the existence of the moon at the same time as Earth, 4 billion years ago. The moon has a crust, mantle, core and a little bit of water just like Earth. The only difference is that life began to evolve on Earth, whereas the moon has no life on it. Many places on the moon still haven’t been discovered. In the coming years, trips to the moon have been scheduled, which only leave us imagining what information they are going to surprise us with next.

Is The Moon Earth’s Only Natural Satellite?

  1. The Kordylewski clouds
  2. Near Earth Objects

After spending centuries of speculations and research, the mystery has been solved. By using polarized cameras and filters, astronomers have come across other natural lunar satellites as well. The earth is not as lonely as we think and other than the moon, some other objects are also orbiting the earth which can be included in earth’s natural satellites. Physicists have confirmed other moons which are roughly the same distance as the moon.

The Kordylewski clouds

After constant observations, a team of scientists has captured some mysterious clouds in space which are the same distance as the moon from the earth. This cloud is nine times the width of the earth. These huge clouds have suspended particles in them measuring just a few micrometers. However, these particles faintly glow since the light from the galaxy and the sky is so much brighter, it is hard to see the particles. These dust clouds orbit the earth, however, the dust particles keep switching place so their position’s certainty cannot be measured.  It is believed that these clouds have existed since the birth of our solar system and has always been there. In the near future, these lurking clouds could be of great use for space exploration missions. One example is the role these Kordylewski clouds might play in helping to find safe navigation in space. The scientists are keeping a keen eye on the sky to find more of such clouds which could serve as a gateway in discovering Lagrange points in our neighboring solar systems. This could be used to safely park satellites at Lagrange points which are important space missions.

Near Earth Objects (NEOs)

The earth has a strong gravitational pull due to which it pulls NEOs towards itself and puts them into orbit for a certain period of time until they are flung to space again to join their own natural orbit. Out of the ten million asteroids which pass the earth, about eighteen thousand are captured by the earth’s gravitational field. According to simulation, NEOs captured by the earth does orbit the earth but the pathway is rather disoriented due to the gravitational influences of the sun and the moon. Mini moons are often captured into orbit by in the months of July and January. However, these moons are not always in the orbit, they are seasonal visitors. These mini-moons are called temporarily captured orbiters or (TCOs). These TCOs however, only make way fewer orbits than our actual moon does and can stay in orbit for a long as a decade. Moreover, these mini-moons can visit the orbit for as long as nine months and only about 0.1 percent of these moons break down and convert into meteors. Although astronomers don’t know a lot about these mini-moons but they believe that these are as old as the solar system which is about 4.6 billion years old. These are very interesting and may help to dig up the advent of our galaxy and more interesting facts about our galaxy.

How Does The Moon Affect The tides

  1. Moon’s gravity
  2. Low and High Tides
  3. Full Moon

The high and low tides experienced by the oceans and seas are due to the moon. The sun and the moon both have a gravitational pull on the earth with the sun’s gravitational pull being 178 times stronger than moons gravitational force. The moon has more effect however since there is a lesser distance between the moon and the earth.

What does the Moon’s gravity do to the oceans?

There are periods of high and low tides each day. The gravity of the moon attracts the tides of the oceans and seas and pulls them upwards. This makes the waters bulge creating what we know as high tides. The high tides are created on that side of the earth which faces the moon and also directly on the opposite side as well. Since high tides need more water, the water levels facing the moons slightly rise. This water is coming from the sides which don’t face the moon and so these parts of the earth face low rides.

A solar day lasts 24 hours which is in association to the time the earth takes to revolve on its axis. In comparison to this, the lunar day lasts 50 minutes longer than the solar day. It takes twelve hours and fifty minutes for one high tide to complete its cycle. Thus two high tide periods occur every day. Similarly, low tides also occur twice a day. The timing of when a high or low tide will occur depends on each country’s time zone.

Factors Affecting Low and High Tides

The advancement in technology has been very helpful in accurately predicting the time and height of tides. However, some external factors such as weather conditions can influence how low or high the tides might get as compared to the predicted tide tables. In case of a storm, the seas swell. In the literal meaning, the seas water level rises and this may cause a higher tide than usual. Another factor is the strong winds which force the water to move back or offshore towards the sea. As the water movies back the coastline becomes clearer. This is an example of low tide, however, winds blowing onshore may cause water to collect near on the shoreline. This makes a low tide rather higher than what it normally is. On days when the weather exerts a high pressure on the sea waters, the tides can be extremely low tides, on the other hand, low pressures cause high tides.

Full Moon


The occurrence of a full moon is several times a year. When a full moon is closest to the earth the phenomenon is called perigee, it’s called the super moon. The super moon causes an approximate five-centimeter difference from the normal high tide height. When the full moon is farthest away from the earth, its called the micro moon as well. The tides are approximately five centimeters lower than the normal low tide. The moon’s distance from the earth and its rotation around the earth causes ebb tides which is basically the gradual change from a high to low tide. The rise in tides is a very important factor for sailors, surfers, and fishermen. Many lives have been saved by warning fishermen and surfers about high tide periods. The full moon is also believed to cause low tides and high tides in human body fluids. However, there is no scientific evidence as yet and this belief will need some more research and proof.

Does Full Moon affect our Mood & Behaviors?

It is a widely held belief in many cultures and civilizations that the full moon has a tendency to impact our moods and behaviors. The term Lunacy is used to explain the impact of the moon on your mental health and attitudes. Since the moon has a gravitational pull in a lot of water bodies such as lakes and tides some astronomers and philosophers also believe that it has this same impact and pull on our body fluids too.   Some scientists researched this and found out that the gravitational pull of the moon on our body is almost none.  For all these years scientists have been making researches to find out if the moon really influences our moods and behaviors and most of it has come to the conclusion that there is no relation between the lunar cycle ( phases of the moon) and the human mind and body. Let’s look at all of these myths and beliefs and see what stance the science has on them.

Moon makes people do crazy things

  1. Full Moon Disturbs the Sleep
  2. Full Moon makes people aggressive
  3. Moon has an impact on animals

There is a commonly held belief among a lot of people that the different phase of the moon and especially the full moon has the capability to make them act crazy. Scientists have not been able to find a positive correlation between the full moon and the mental issues that a person may face to drive him crazy. In fact, a person is as prone to mental issues on the full moon as he is on any other time of the month.

Full Moon Disturbs the Sleep

A lot of people believe that it is hard to fall asleep on a full moon night and many researchers seem to be agreeing on this. One study showed that people who were sleeping during the full moon were angrier and irritated even though they did not know which phase the moon is in. Another study showed that 5800 children slept five minutes less than usual on a full moon night.

Full Moon makes people aggressive

This belief is also supported by science as one study indicated that in 1970s there was a massive increase in the assaults and criminal activities on the full moon. However, other researchers still do not agree and support this idea as they have not been successful in getting any link between the two variables.

Moon has an impact on animals

Moon has an impact on animals

It is believed that the animals are likely to behave aggressively on a full moon and the evidence suggests that there is an increase in the number of people admitted to the hospital as a result of injuries from their pets. However, scientists believe that this may not be caused by animals behaving aggressively but may be caused by humans taking their pets outside because of the extra light on a full moon. This way they increase the risks of their pets causing an injury to them or to someone else. In the light of the above-mentioned information, it can be concluded that some studies do prove that the full moon may have an impact on the moods and behaviors other studies simply show no relationship between the two.

What Is The Super Blood Wolf Moon

  1. Super Blood Wolf Moon
  2. How Wolf Moon Happen
  3. See super blood full moon

Super Blood Wolf Moon is an unusual celestial occurrence which takes place every three years. A super blood wolf moon can be seen when a lunar eclipse happens, which means a red moon can be seen around midnight on the sky. The number of the lunar eclipse in a year can vary however about two lunar eclipses are bound to happen in a single year. The super moon looks thirty percent brighter as compared to its normal brightness and even looks fourteen percent bigger than its original size.

Why Was It Given The Name: “Super Blood Wolf Moon”

Well, we know what you are thinking; a moon with a wolf in its name has to do something with werewolves. Well fortunately or unfortunately that is not the case. Since a full moon occurs in January the indigenous Americans named it the Wolf moon. According to facts and traditions, the blood moon occurs in when it is freezing cold. The grounds are covered with ice and snow and there is hardly any prey to hunt for the wolves. During this period the hungry wolves howled at the moon and this could be heard in villages near the jungles. Thus this moon was associated with wolves and is named the wolf moon also. The hue of red from the light shed from the sun gives it the name Blood moon. 

How Does The Super Blood Wolf Moon Happen?

The nearest point when the moon reaches closets to the earth in its orbit is called the perigee. The moon takes about two weeks to reach this point. If a super moon occurs in the month of January plus it coincides with a total lunar eclipse it is called super blood wolf moon. The moon appears reddish because the sun’s filtered light and also because of the refractions from the earth’s layers of atmosphere which make the moon look brighter. Since the moon is in alignment with the sun and the earth during a total lunar eclipse called a syzygy, a super moon occurs.

Where Can You See The Super Blood Wolf Moon

The best way to have a clearer view of the moon is either sighting it from a tall building or a beach. Other than that, you could also visit an observatory and view the sight through thermal infrared cameras. This gives a clearer view of the eclipse to the researchers and scientists. This eclipse could last from minutes to hours. Super Blood Wolf Moon is a beautiful sight to see whenever it occurs and the upcoming blood moon is predicted in 2021. However, an eclipse is also associated with bad omen. The full moon also affects ocean waters causing high and low tides. During a full moon, the tides are higher than usual. Super Blood Wolf Moon is also associated with magic and witchcraft in many traditions. Moreover, it is believed to influence human behaviors as well. 

What causes Blood Moon?

When the moon turns reddish yellow or copper in color we say that a blood moon has formed. It is indeed a beautiful and breathtaking sight to most people however; some people find it very intimidating. It is for this reason different people hold different beliefs and superstitions about the blood moon’s formation. Some associate it with evil and witchcraft while others have some positive cultural and religious ideas associated with its formation. Blood Moon occurs twice a year but you may not always be able to see it. This is because the location, position and the angle where you are situated play a great role in your ability to see the sight of a blood moon. For example in 2018 North America was unable to see the sight. The science behind its formation is much easier and simpler than the mythologies and cultural beliefs associated with it.

What causes Blood Moon?

Blood Moon happens when the earth is situated between the sun and the moon. The earth blocks the light from the sun reaching the moon and as a result, a shadow is cast on the moon making it darker. When the Moon is in its Full moon stage Total Lunar Eclipse happens. This is when the sun, moon, and earth lie in exactly the same line which is rather straightforward. Even though during the Lunar Eclipse the moon is put in total darkness because of the shadow cast by the earth on it, we are still able to see the moon. This is because the light from the sun is still touching the earth’s surface and is bending from it into the atmosphere. Some of this light is also bending towards the surface of the moon enabling us to see the moon. When the light that touches the earth’s surface is bent from the surface into the atmosphere it gets spread throughout the atmosphere. The light is spread in different wavelengths towards the moon. These wavelengths are generally shorter and give off a red and orange color. It is because of the scattering of the light resulting in shorter wavelengths and producing reddish color the moon appears to be red and forms the blood moon. This process of scattering light into different lengths of wavelengths is the same process that gives the reddish appearance to the sunsets and the sunrises on a regular basis.

Some Cultural Beliefs

Hindu people believe that the blood moon is a result of chaos and confusions between the gods. During this time they do not eat and worship because they believe that evil may approach at any time. Batammaliba people believe that blood moon is a result of the clash between the sun and the moon themselves. Some other ancient civilizations used to believe that the red moon was an indication of an attack by a jaguar that might be eating the moon. Although different traditions and cultures hold their unique beliefs about the formation of the blood moon, the science says that it is the result of a total lunar Eclipse and nothing else.

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