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Mobile could be the core of GitHub



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GitHub CEO Nat Friedman announced the launch of a native GitHub app. iOS users can already sign up for the beta, the Android version will follow soon. The app should also be available for the iPad. For the launch at this time, there are a number of reasons, Friedman said in the subsequent Q & A. The goal: to provide developers with another tool that provides exactly the features they wanted from a GitHub app. In the future, the app would give users the opportunity to unblock each other from their smartphone, to merge changes, to review a few lines of code or to give feedback. The app is not intended to completely replicate the way you work in the web version. For the iPad, but extended features are available. For example, you can use some of the shortcuts of the web version on the iPad. Depending on the device used GitHub wants to offer you the best possible user experience. It is conceivable that the mobile version in five years forms the core of the platform, so Friedman during the Q & A, an app at the current time is only the logical consequence.

Another exciting innovation is the revised notifications. Anyone working in a larger team can quickly be overwhelmed by the spate of messages that GitHub has sent out to users, a problem that the GitHub developers themselves regularly face. The new Notifications system will allow you to filter your messages in the future, and there is now an inbox for your messages on GitHub itself. You may still have overflowing mailboxes, thanks to the Inbox, the notifications of GitHub will no longer be the Reason. Especially the filter options are a big step, says Kelly Sterman, VP of Strategy and Product Management. You can now filter for notifications that you really need, and customize the filters as needed. The launch of the mobile version fits wonderfully into the picture at this point. How often did developers receive a notification when they were away from their desktops – the app will make it easier in the future to quickly perform small but urgent tasks on the go.

In addition, you may soon be pleased about the possibility to add further notifications to your inbox. Also new is that you can assign code reviews to your team members – the feature is still in public beta. Pending reviews, you can with the advanced notifications, for example, also remember Slack. At the moment, the feature is still available in a limited preview.

The ability to browse and navigate within your code has been greatly enhanced. In the future, the search function of the platform should also be able to find special characters or images, for example. The Search feature is designed to enhance your GitHub experience to help you find and analyze code. Still, the innovation is only available in a limited beta but will be made available to all over the coming months.

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