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The car sharing provider Miles Mobility is expanding its vehicle portfolio and is now offering its first all-electric vehicles with the VW ID 3. First of all, they are spreading mainly in Hamburg. Miles Mobility has announced its first step in the direction of electro mobility and will be setting up a total of 150 VW ID 3s in Hamburg and Berlin over the coming weeks .

 In the capital, however, Miles’ e-cars will be in short supply. According to Miles, the focus of the ID-3 offer is on the Elbe metropolis, as the basic requirements for the company are better there. Oliver Mack prang, CEO of Miles, said the company is positive about expanding into electric vehicles. As an independent car sharing provider, however, one must “not only take an ecologically sustainable step, but also act in an economically sustainable manner”. You have to rely on a cooperative collaboration with the cities, he explains.

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