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There is an update from Microsoft after Windows 10 has been tested among various participants of the windows. Recently Microsoft released the update to the general public. This will be developed under the code name 20H1.To do this, install any updates that may still be slumbering there. When you have updated your system and used one of the last two major versions, 1903 or 1909, you should be ready to update to 2004. To do this, go to “Windows Update” via Windows> Settings> Update and Security.

Microsoft will release Windows 11 preferably in July 2020. this product will be available to the general public. operating system available to update the center of Windows. For Windows 10 users the mainstream support will continue until October 13, 2020. however, there will be extended support until October war 2025. The ten years period has now in it and Microsoft will discontinue is Windows 7 support from January 2020. Technology is changing and even being divided and Microsoft adapting those for their growth.