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Mars mission is essential



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Stars, gases, dust, dark matter creates our galaxy. The space between galaxies filled with huge gases. These gases have gravitational forces as well as mass. So far it is found that there are 100 billion galaxies in the world.  But this number is likely to increase to about 200 billion as per present research. Our earth lives in a spiral galaxy and which is 13.5 billion years old. There are four types of galaxies like a barred spiral, elliptical, and irregular.  The planet is one of the oldest known extrasolar planets, believed to be about 12.7 billion years old.

Another interesting area of space is the black hole. A place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light cannot get out. Due to this reason what is going inside is unpredictable. Suddenly the idea of the US might be one day our world may fall victim to a black hole. It is not an, unlike thought even the whole world could be. It is also true that probability is less but not zero.

The discussion begins around space beyond from a recent conference. It is obvious that a black hole planet that surrounds us honest and flings them towards is incredible too. What will be impacted? How far the black hole is and what its impact on the solar system?  Even from so far away the gravity of the black hole makes itself felt here on the world is being shaken. But the black hole hasn’t finished yet it’s heading straight for the heart of the solar system to our son. Sun becomes tiny to that hole in practical. Drifting through space is continuing and less possibility ceased to exist. If we concentrate on this hole and can find a solution but the problem is there are millions of these monsters. Still we don’t know how many of them exist in this universe. We can buy a black coat to surround that hole but how many coats we have? We have limitations!

Mars the red planet fourth rock from the sun. For centuries we humans have gazed at our neighbor Adam mentioned alien world. How the life of the world started still has a lot of debate. We depend on technology and Telescopes brought it closer to see signs of life. As the twentieth century, mainstream credentials astronomers were looking at mark thinking that they saw evidence for a society of civilization. Mars program is gaining its motion due to various needs. Our world becoming polluted day by day. Problems in the world are increasing not decreasing. If there were life on Mars, we could find a solution. We are now approaching the red planet the discovery.

We know the history of Mars but need to find what resources are there. We need proper spacecraft to go there. The big question to us is the Mars is dead or alive? Is there an ancient civilization or need to start a new civilization? Whether there is the existence of intelligence, semi intelligence, or not? So far the evidence we have to elude us! Definitely we found something thee which tends us to do a good mission. We need to refresh our plan for going to mars. Rover of Mars can give us travel tips and can make our journey comfortable and rewarding. The expedition will take about two and a half years including approximately twelve-month support from interplanetary spaceship so make yourself comfortable. Provisions need to settle carefully and effectively. You also need effective space suits and a sufficient supply of breathable. It’s further from the sun than earth which makes sense, of course. Temperature is a big concern on Mars. Temperature can drop minus one hundred thirty degrees Fahrenheit. These technical issues aside Mars have a lot to offer it is home to the largest known volcano in our services.

A magnificent Grand Canyon is there and needs perfect planning for spacecraft. Due to the present scenario of the earth we of course find a solution for alternate planet and so thank you for choosing the planet Mars. If you are interested in culture a visit to the notorious space. Distance is a big question and needs a perfect plan when the first astronauts arrive on Mars. The plan should not be commercial rather save the whole world. Of course need a leader, who will do that? If we go to Mars and find evidence that there was life on Mars or is life on Mars then we’d be able to say that in our own solar system wife appeared twice. I think that would be convincing evidence that the universe is full. Discovering life on Mars could also reveal a lot about our own existence. We have one kind of life adapted to one plant even with all of its diverse so looking at the way other planets may have given rise to a phenomenon that we would recognize this life can enable us to understand our own kind of once in a deep and fundamental way.

The Apollo astronauts took about two days to get to the moon a journey to Mars one way is roughly seven months. Morris takes about twice as long to orbit the sun as earth. So a space station master plan departure when the two planets are close. The challenge of bringing a mission back is incalculable and complexity. Just one of the reasons no man initially but that’s exactly what Dr. Robert Zubrin society wants to do. An external engineer with fifteen years of experience in the space industry has been planning a trip to Mars for the last two decades and he’s come up with a novel way. Mars’s mission probably expensive and need a lot of support. The Martian atmosphere is ninety-five percent carbon dioxide gas with that in the reactor we mixed with a little bit of hydrogen you can make that reaction produced by the methane carbon monoxide or any mixture of the two and water. The methane and carbon monoxide mixtures can be used as rocket propellant for the return trip to.

The water we could keep the water and drink it actually. Two hydrogens and oxygen the oxygen comes off we could use speeding oxygen uses rocket-propelled oxygen that’s how the machine works. it makes your fuel oxygen make sure. It looks simple enough and it’s not just. Working with simulated Martian air super then spent years testing and refining the technology. Methane carbon monoxide oxygen rocket engine it all works it works great hobbies are a great help to stardom right up with the spark plug time after time. Ways to bring has done all this to make a point. Current sinking is that it is too expensive and dangerous to send a manned mission to Mars. Instead of national space communities include a range of unmanned robotic explorers on and around the planet. But superintendents are using robots to do field research leaves a lot to be desired. We can send a robot strippers on supports and more something once and what more with robots can make all kinds of discoveries that can give us all kinds of data image services planning. It’s me again for my kitchen targets for exploration, we need to know. The naturalistic view of the universe which suggests that the earth is not special wife convolvulus out swear word Barnes and conditions are similar it’s like there will.

Media rights for centuries these rocks from the sky were treated as curiosities often ending up in local museums or private collections but the information rights contain. Today the scientific community sends out search parties together. Explore and we all over the year’s one of the most popular hunting grounds in Antarctica. Every year scores of scientists take their lives in their hands and head to the pros and cons. The teams conduct systematic research on the icy landscape. Looking for telltale dark shapes against the whites of the eyes. It was on an expedition such as this that a meteorite was found. The strange green rocks were kept under strict quarantine. It was processed examine and rigorously for information about its own world it took.

Speaks to us across all those billions of years and millions of miles it speaks of the possibility of life. Was it the rocket toward this will come back to? But perhaps the best evidence of life on Mars is not hidden. There are some who believe a vital clue is staring us right in the face. Richard Hoagland has dedicated his life to examining imagery transmitted to earth from various Mars orbiters. Surveillance systems that have circled the red planet for over thirty years now.

In the first pictures of the nineteen seventy-six Viking orbiters sent back from the planet’s surface. Home and saw something that blew his mind. I look at this and it was like oh my god this thing had symmetry proportion it looked like a statue. Hoagland is referring to this remarkable image. A face like structure. The size of multiple city blocks. At home in solving some more. Other structures surrounding the icon eroded by time. To him it looked like the ruins of a monumental city. That looked like an aerial photograph taken final reason looking down at the. It’s only he’s a plateau look like a ceremonial complex built by somebody with a huge speaks like creatures staring off into space from the sands of large. The telescope orbiting a thousand miles overhead somebody was down there and they cared enough to see the very best.

Needless to say Hogan’s theory raises more than a few eyebrows but gives life on Mars increases was there once and agents of litigation alien life forms.

What to do next? Mission to mars for finding new possibilities is knocking. We don’t have any other alternative except to go there.