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Making your bed is important



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To me making the bed can be very important for it influences how much you will want to do during the day. What I mean is once you make the bed, you’ll want to keep up the good habits and will want to do more during the day. I never feel right if I don’t make the bed, I feel lazy and not too motivated for any other task.

I would like to share the impact these simple lessons are having on my life. When viewed individually they can seem oversimplified and unimportant. However, as a collective, they have proven to be significant. I have now meditated for 55 consecutive days, my mind is significantly clearer and much calmer. I have followed the 5 precepts, No Alcohol, 1 or 2 meals per day eaten for sustenance, and a vegetarian diet.

I have all but turned off the television and reduced my internet time and my phone does not come in the bedroom. I am reading books for the first time in a long time and listening to a variety of eastern philosophy sources to promote critical thinking. Overall I have much more energy, I am losing weight (without being obsessed with the process) and I stop and take in the view from the hills around my home when I am walking my dogs and show gratitude to be fortunate enough to have this natural resource. Not all of my problems are resolved but your guidance gives me strength and I feel secure that I am moving my life in a positive direction.

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